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“I wanna give a shout out to Thomas Roberts, because of him we were able to buy our new house in cash. I’m not bragging, it’s the honest to god truth, he came in and said here’s what the house will go for unless I create a bidding war, he created a bidding war. The house was up on Thursday, Sunday we went through all the offers. Thomas was very cooperative and did his job under any circumstance, as I refused to have a sign in the front yard or an open house. Thomas agreed to those terms and still did his job at a very high level. His fee was very fair, he did not eat steak and we ate hot dogs, we all ate together. We are very very happy with him.”
London Steele

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Real estate knowledge is necessary for the complicated process of selling your house. On your path to selling your house in San Antonio, FL, one of the best choices you can make is to work with a real estate agent at Sell My Home Fair to assist you with the home-buying process.

A real estate agent is a trained professional with extensive knowledge of the real estate market in your community. To provide our customers peace of mind throughout one of the most significant transactions they will ever undertake, we strive to make real estate simple for them. We can simplify the entire process thanks to our many years of expertise, cutting-edge technology, and collaborative network of enthusiastic industry specialists.

Our agents are qualified. You should depend on them to help you navigate the procedure since their experience is priceless. You reduce the likelihood of errors by working with a real estate professional to guide you through the house selling process. If you require assistance, contact Sell My Home Fair at 813-435-8011.

Why Should You Sell Your House With The Help of a Real Estate Agent?

From your stress level to your earnings, a competent real estate agent can have a significant impact on all elements of your selling experience. Continue reading to learn about the many advantages of selling with a 1% Real Estate Broker from Sell My Home Fair in San Antonio, FL.

Pasco County’s real estate market is constantly evolving. We are your neighbors and your real estate resource at Sell My Home Fair, a locally owned and run business. In-depth knowledge of the local real estate market is one of the most crucial elements of a successful transaction. Because they lack a thorough awareness of the local housing market, home sellers frequently cannot obtain the price they are looking for. By using a realtor, you can benefit from their knowledge of the neighborhood market.

Your house sale may succeed or fail based on pricing. You must come up with a price that is both reasonable for the type of home you are selling and desirable to nearby purchasers. Finding that balance is more difficult than it appears. The good news for sellers is that real estate brokers have a system for determining the appropriate listing price for houses. To find out how much comparable properties in the neighborhood are sold for, our 1% commission realtor performs a comparative market analysis. This guarantees that you establish pricing that buyers find enticing right away. To list your home for 1%, call us at 813-435-8011.

How can people find out your house is for sale once it has been listed? We already have a marketing strategy in place if you choose Sell My Home Fair. In addition to adding your home to the MLS and hundreds of other real estate websites, we also have access to marketing resources that you, as a member of the general public, do not. We also have access to an extensive database, and as soon as your home is listed, we call everyone on that list to inform them of the development. If you are thinking, how can I sell my home at 1% listings? Call us at 813-435-8011.

Selling your house was not that difficult in the past. There wasn’t a lot of paperwork, and finalizing a contract isn’t a challenging undertaking. It’s as complex as it can be right now. Closings can be challenging because of all the local, state, and federal rules that must be followed. The worry and strain of working with a skilled real estate agent will be lifted off your shoulders, and agents can hasten the closing process. One of the best choices you’ll ever make is to have a real estate professional on your side. Pick someone who is familiar with the entire process—from the start of the transaction to closing—and knows how to handle it lawfully.

Selling a house frequently entails selling a piece of your identity, your family, and the experiences you created while living there. Moving is among life’s most stressful experiences, and it can be daunting. A knowledgeable listing agent in San Antonio, FL, makes all the difference. Your agent will manage the entire sales process to successfully close a deal while you are getting ready for the actual relocation. You will only need to deal with one person throughout the process, giving you more time to concentrate on what’s most crucial—moving out of your house.

Aripeka, FL

The largest transaction you will likely ever make is the sale of your home. Given how difficult it is, doing it alone might be pretty scary. Although working with a real estate agent is the ideal option, you can do it independently. Having Sell My Home Fair to help you through the entire process of selling your San Antonio, FL home—from listing it to finalizing the deal—could be a game-changer.

Call our office at 813-435-8011 for additional details about selling homes in San Antonio, FL. We’d be glad to assist!

Some information about San Antonio, FL

San Antonio, or unofficially San Ann as the locals call it, is a city in Pasco County, Florida, United States. It is a suburban city included in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. It lies within Florida’s 12th congressional district. The population was 1,138 at the 2010 census. It was established as a Catholic colony by Judge Edmund F. Dunne. The city derives its name from Saint Anthony of Padua. Saint Leo University is located nearby.

San Antonio was founded (in name only) in 1881 by Edmund F. Dunne who previously had been chief justice of the Arizona territory. Dunne was a legal counsel involved in the Disston Land Purchase, and as his commission, received 100,000 choice acres (400 km2) of land out of the 4,000,000 acre (16,000 km2) purchase. The following year on February 15, while surveying the Disston Purchase with his cousin, Captain Hugh Dunne, he came upon a previously unsurveyed lake with crystal clear water. Seeing in a prayer book that it was the feast day of St. Jovita, he named the lake after the early Christian martyr. Judge Dunne selected the city’s location on Jovita’s western shore and began settling it in earnest. He established the city as the center of a Catholic colony in Florida. Dunne planned several other villages for the surrounding area including St. Thomas, Villa Maria, Carmel and San Felipe, but only the rural community of St. Joseph survives today. In 1889 the Benedictines established the monastery of St. Leo and St. Leo College on Dunne’s former homestead and farm land, later incorporating the area as part of a separate town, St. Leo, Florida. At about the same time, five Benedictine sisters established Holy Name Convent in the center of San Antonio. The nuns had come to teach at two local schools (St. Anthony School and St. Joseph School), as well as to establish Holy Name Academy. The sisters had the convent and the academy physically moved by oxen to a 40-acre parcel in St. Leo overlooking the southwestern shore of Lake Jovita in 1911. The nuns remained at St. Anthony School until the end of the 2009-10 academic year. At the time of its founding San Antonio was located in the southern third of Hernando County, as Pasco County was not created until 1887. The Orange Belt Railway first began service to San Antonio in November 1887. For a short time beginning in 1927, the city officially changed its name to the town of Lake Jovita, only to revert to San Antonio in 1933.

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Map of San Antonio, FL

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